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Welcome!                                                                                 (12/01/2010)

Good Day! This site is currently under construction. But you can use the other pages which are available for you to use now. Sign up if you already have a user account here. Register if you do not have yet. Registration is as easy as email/password/verify.

Important: Put all your Questions in the Guestbook, this is linked to my email, I will answer them immediately as much as I can. Thanks!

You can check my BLOG section also (pesonal blog) if you are interested (but there's not too much in it anyway).

You can also check the Forums portion. 


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About this website                                                              (12/01/2010)

The goal of this website is to provide tons of very useful information that will benefit all of us. Promote sharing of information - that's the goal of this site!

Although the original purpose of the creation of this site is to provide a website for my CCNA/CCNP students (plus CCIE included), and to provide academic help to my other friends/relatives, I've decided not to limit the purpose to that. I mean, we all have a lot of information to share other than technical stuffs. So real-life stuffs, movies, tv shows, reviews, gadgets, experiences, lessons learned, etc. A database for information on just about everything. It will all be here soon! 

RIght now there are only a few info from this site. The posts from here merely came from students asking me questions thru emails. I answer those questions here instead on the email so other students can see it also.

Please feel free to post questions on the Guestbook page. I will entertain any question you will post here. 

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Please use this website as much as you possibly can! :)

To promote the survival of this website, I please everyone to use it as much as possible. Share your thoughts, share your experience here, share your knowledge here. In the end we all are to benefit from this site.

Yeah, this is a non-profit site, i gain no money by doing this and building this site. But this is for information-sharing. As my friend said to me "Today's generation is called the Information age", where information is PRICELESS! Let's share each other's ideas and let this site and each one of us help other people. Promote sharing! :)

Yours truly,

Sonny Kristoffer Lachica                      

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